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Fava beans aren't like most other beans. They grow tall but their stems are tough and rigid. They climb like pole beans but they need nothing to climb on. In a way they're like bush beans, except they grow much taller. LEARN MORE »
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All Fava Bean Seeds

  • Bean (Fava/Pole) - Broad Windsor Bean (Fava/Pole) - Broad Windsor from $0.99

    Bean (Fava/Pole) - Broad Windsor

    Fava Bean, Broad Windsor (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)  The Broad Windsor Fava Bean plant produces some of the largest beans you've ever seen. - The pods contain large beans (as large as a quarter) - Can be eaten fresh off the pod or dried. - Huge beans with a creamy texture and delicious nutty flavor. Day to Maturity | 75 days Best Months to Plant |  [April - June]  Beans like sun and water. Give them lots of it and they'll grow fast. Pole Beans |  Beans can be grown in average soil, almost anywhere in the United States. Set 3 rough barked, 6 foot poles in the ground, tepee fashion, and tie together at the top.Click here for complete Pole Bean grow guide  

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